Koyaanisqatsi (Final Major)

A few weeks ago Mark suggested that I put one of my tracks over some existing footage. Prior to this Phil had played one of my older tracks ‘Dune’ alongside the film ‘Koyannisqatsi’ and had shown me the result. It worked really well and so today I decided to edit some of the film’s footage to my track. I was sifting through over an hour of clips and found some that I really liked so I cut them and muted the original soundtrack. Then I imported ‘Dune’ and did a more precise cut so that the shots would change as the music developed.

When the percussion in Dune kicked in I place footage from the film that was shot at night and i think this gives the visuals an almost menacing undertone.

Below is the video.

I think that this is a good representation of how my music could be used in a professional environment. I know I can cater to different briefs and contexts so hopefully this will show people I can make effective music. I’ve already got some cool feedback after making the video public.

Jonti says:

Think you’ve done a really good job here,
You’ve captured the actual feel and context of the video very well, your music emphasizes the Japanese (I believe its Japanese) instruments and atmosphere, But mixing that up with a very relaxed tune, which contrasts with the footage, showing fast, urban life.
It comes across like meditation music and the sort of themes and sounds you would hear in the more rural parts of Japan.


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