Do anything for a retweet (Professional Project)

So I took Pegg’s advice and set up an Dungeon Dancehall Twitter account. The link is below.

If you don’t want to click the link then here’s a screen shot.

Follow or die!

Follow or die!

So I set this account up around a day ago and it already has 56 followers which is good. I used a bit of a cheeky tactic to obtain these. Essentially I went on the AUB twitter page, the BU page and the Dub optic, Vibez and Jungle Vision page and looked at there followers. Then I followed as many of their followers as I could be bothered to. This means that the next time they log into twitter they’ll have a notification saying the ‘DungeonBMTH’ followed them. Because I targeted the demographic that we want at our event we have had a lot of follow backs. It’s a cheeky technique but it seems to have worked so far. I have also tweeted a link to the facebook page, so this is one of the 1st things that people who follow the page will see.

I’m going to continue to use this tactic to reach the demographic that we want. Once the posters are printed & the line ups are made public I will use this account to advertise the night.


Atmosphere (Professional Project)

Shoma, Luke & I were discussing ways that we could turn The Winchester into our own venue for the night. We were pretty inspired to do this after going to the event ‘Jungle Warriors’ Part of the team that runs this night is fellow DMP badman Adam. At Jungle Warriors they had really good decorations all around the venue this included loads of camoflauge and leaves to make you think you’d just stepped into the congo.

Jungle Warriors

Jungle Warriors

So we began to think how we could personalise the venue ourselves. We came up with some awesome ideas which the Winchester would probably not allow such as hanging meat hooks from the ceiling and paying our tragic mates (Shaun Boulter) to be D Locked to the wall for the night. Then we started discussing more realistic options, however we felt that these would be really cheesy and turn a sick night into a stereotypical halloween party. We then began to think about going completely the other way. There is a club that we all really want to go to, unfortunately it’s in Shanghai, It’s called The Shelter and is a converted bomb shelter.

Here’s some photos.

So Dungeon

So Dungeon

My god.

My god.

After looking at these images we considered a different approach to making more atmosphere. We thought about talking to The Winchester about keeping lighting to the minimal. The venue has quite a red colour scheme to it and we were hoping to have the venue super dark for the event. This would bring more attention to the visuals and would fit in with our vibe and theme. I’m also considering buying a strobe light of some sort to use on the night. As well as this we’ve had a play around with some L.E.D strips that Jordan has got in the store. You’re able to syphon them into the Modul8 software and change the colour of the strips as well as syncing them to music. These would be really cool to use on the night, although at the moment we’re not aloud to take them out of uni because some of the live wires are exposed.




Fully Booked (Professional Project)

Great news! we have now confirmed all of our acts for Dungeon Dancehall. As well as our headliner Neffa-T we have now booked two local DJ’s, Doug Drilla & Enerz. Fellow DMP rude boy Louis first got us in contact with these two guys and recommended them. However before we just confirmed them straight away we wanted to hear a short mix from them to double check that they would be suitable for the night. I contacted Doug Drilla 1st (real name Toby) and he straight away sent us some of his work which for some reason will not embed on this site.

I listened this through and was happy to confirm him. The mix is mostly techno, Garage and some House. It’s a good sort of vibe to start the night off with.

The next thing was to confirm Enerz… This was a little easier said than done as he had just got a new laptop and was having some difficulty setting it up in order to record his mix. We were waiting for a while for him to send it to us. Luke wondered if we should just risk it and put him on the posters, however although I’d heard good things about him I wanted to be happy with his skill myself, after all this is a professional project and that involves acting in a professional manor. Luckily Enerz sent us the mix just in time and it was great. It’s exactly the sort of sound we’re looking for and after listening to the 1st 15 mins of the mix I’d confirmed Enerz to the night.

Our next step is to print the posters and release the line up online.

Shady Boyz 2014 <3 (Professional Project)

A while back Pegg talked about using software instead of just film to promote our event. I took this as an opportunity to create something with a nice personal touch.

Luv them

Luv them

So I built this in Flash with some help from Jordan ‘no flash no gash’ Cutler. I started off by importing the original image which is below.

Yung Bombalcat .. Yung Insulin .. Yung Gajin 2003

Yung Bombalcat .. Yung Insulin .. Yung Gajin

Once I did this I created a new layer and traced round the original image in lime green so that i could see the lines from the original image. and traced round everything, curving the lines to fit the original image. I then filled in all the sections with bloc colour & to finalise it imported a concrete texture from google images (below).

my favourite picture of concrete to date.

my favourite picture of concrete to date.

Once this was done I imported the final image into Photoshop and put some tasteful text as a footer.




Aloe Vera King (Professional Project)

As I’ve mentioned in an early post, I want to start experimenting a bit with beat making which will hopefully lead to me using some sounds that I’ve produced as DJ tools for the next or a future night. I’ve been playing around with the Korg Gadget a bit more and I find it really fun and am also starting to understand more about the way it works.

The beat below is not a loop this time, it progresses through to some wierd sounds and annoying high hats. I made it in the Uni cafe this morning whilst swigging on my favourite beverage, Aloe Vera King… Enjoy.

It’s safe to say that I still need to experiment a lot with this app. Firstly it’s about 90% percussion with a few fairly basic synth loops chucked in there. However it does sum up the delight I feel when I’m drinking Aloe Vera King.

Influences and Research… If you can call it research (Professional Project)

Last Saturday night I went to Dub Optic, Bournemouth’s biggest dubstep night. It was a great night, and I found that just listening to the type of tunes the DJ’s choose to play is pretty helpfull for me when I’m considering what to play on the night. Like the last event, I dont want to plan my set as such. Instead I want to have a rough idea in my head about the vibe i’m gonna be pushing, the flow of my mixing and the different genres & tempos that I’m going to cover. It’s usual for dubstep and bass music to start of fairly slow and mellow and then build up in energy towards the end of the night.

This is generally a formula that works so it’s always good to keep in mind, however it changes slightly when you have a shorter set time and other DJ’s are playing on the night. You have to be adaptable and also plan the right time slots for the other acts so the night has a flow to it.

We are planning on starting the night off with a two hour set from two DJ’s who will perform back to back. I’ve received a mix from one half of the duo and it’s a mixture of techno and garage. It’s a slightly lower tempo genre of music than most grime and dubstep and for this reason we’re going to put them on 1st, afterwards is Neffa – T, our headliner. He will have the best time slot 12-1. I will then provide the tunes for two hours afterwards. Neffa – T is likely to play dubstep and grime tunes, most of which are at around 140BPM.

If all goes to plan I will plan to start my set with tunes around the 140 mark also. However tunes with the same BPM value can still have a totally different vibe to them.

The tune above is a dubstep track at 140 BPM and has quite a chilled, spaced out feel to it.

The tune below is also at 140BPM but as you can tell has a lot more energy to it. These are they type of tracks I’m planning to play after Neffa’s set.

Then I will progress into a higher tempo, around 170-175BPM until the end of the night.

This was an obivious technique used by the DJ’s at Dub Optic. They had an idea of the vibe they wanted to push. If they dropped track after track of fast paced beats at the beging of the night, people would wear themselves out dancing very early on.