Early Experimentation with beat production and project music.

I’m a massive music fan, i cant really think of a time in the day when i’m not listening to, mixing, or making music. I’d like to think i have a pretty broad taste in music as well. I listen to a lot of different genres. This helped when trying to make this hip hop instrumental for our project.

For example I’m a much bigger fan of English Hip Hop than American Hip Hop, however i can see how mixing aspects of the two can add to our project.

We all wanted to make a film with very colourful british characters in it, which was shot in very british locations. we’re making sure not to rap our sing any lyrics in an american accent, which for some members of our group has proven to be challenging. This is because it is the norm to hear chart music sung in an american accent. Sometimes British singers seem to adopt american singing voices.

As far as hip hop is concerned it has traditionally been an american artform. with american MC’s rapping lyrics over a beat.

We didn’t want to act like something, we were not. For example our lead character ‘Stormageddon’ (Played by Matt Robinson) does not have the type of voice associated with rap music. However, rather than getting him to put on a different accent, I asked him to keep his. I think this will not only contrast, the 1st character, but will also add a type of loveable charm to his character. 


My Instrumental (Work In Progress)

Hip Hop Beats are usualy around a 90 bpm and consist of drum loops, samples and other looping such as synths and other instruments.

This is my work in progress , for the beat to Stormageddon’s rap battles. The idea is for the beat to slighty change with each villain he raps against, for instance. The 1st villain’s beat will include sterotypical hip hop conventions, like vinyl scratching/ gunshots.

The second is going to have computer sound effects, maybe the windows start up noise or iconic sounds from video games.

The Third is going to have crumbling noises, maybe some explosions and machinery noises.

These styles differ to suit the look of each character

My Character ‘Guru Slim Kizzy’ (How he was created, and influenced by Dirty Dike

in our music video the 1st bad guy that Stormageddon will battle is called ‘Guru Slim Kizzy’ He is our spin on a typical freestyle rapper. The ideo with him is to play to peoples sterotype about hip hop and rap music. ‘Slim Kizzy’ loves grafitti, drugs, sex alcohol and talking about other peoples mums.

He wears wears Baggy trackies hoodys and swears a lot.

The style of lyrics i wrote for ‘Slim Kizzy’ are inspired by the rapper and producer, ‘Dirty Dike’.
‘Dike’s’ not afraid to insult and offend and states his mind. Although his lyrics often talk explicitly about sex drugs and crime, I believe he is one of the most talented rappers in the UK Hip Hop scene.

a lot of people disregard rapping as a talent, however after trying to write my own short rap bars, i can personally see how difficult it is to structure rhymes to a beat.

Inspiration behind our idea

All of our group is really looking forward to doing this unit because the idea for our music video is adapted from a series of superhero spoofs that we were going to make. With our Superhero “Stormageddon” (played by Mathew Robinson, or Stormy as we like to call him)

The Basic idea for “Stormageddon” was to tell the story of an average guy who takes a stand against crime in his community. However the focus would always be on comedy over action. So we adapted this idea into the music video of “Stormageddon”

During this insight into an average day for  Stormageddon, he encounters various enemies, and fights them in the form of rap battles.

We want to achieve a comedic approach to merging these two themes together and hopefully parody aspects of Rap and Hip Hop music.




Sound & Video Production

The outline for the Sound and Video production unit is for us to create a group project in a series of short films called “A Day In the Life”. Each grop in the class has a different day of the week and is given the 1st and the last shot. Apart from that we have more or less complete freedom over what we make.

Our group was given Monday, so we are the start of the week.

we had a few iniatial ideas, one of these was to film and edit our day in the style of a musical. We also thought of making a comedy, but in the end we settled for a mix of the two. Our idea is to basically film a comedy music video. featuring a character developed by everyone in our group.

Our Group Consists of:

Andrew Everington (Myself) – Music Producer/ Lyrics / Audio Mixing / Actor

Shaun Boulter – Visual Effects/ Lyrics/ Backing Vocalist

Shoma Jevons – Co-Camerama/ Co-Actor/ Stuntman & Supervisor/ General Beast

Milli Millington – Cameraman/ Director / Costume Design / Lyrics

Matt Robinson – He is Stormageddon! / Main Character / Lyrics / Visuals