Ambient Music (Triptych)

All three sections of my triptych mixed into the final piece.

It’s in an ambient yet unsettling style.

Insipred by the idea of a post apocalyptic landscape, Fallout 3, Moon, Limbo, Brian Eno and lots more.



Befor I started my Triptych, i wanted to be sure about the type of feeling and atmosphere that my music had to. I saw this picture and this gave me inspiration to produce a piece of ambient music, which was unsettling yet still relaxing.

I want my Triptych to be the soundtrack to this dieing city.

I also got inspiration from video games such as Fallout 3, Portal, Bioshock and Deus Ex Human Revolution. I think the sound tracks and sound designs on these games are simply breathtaking in the way that they can create emotion, and atmosphere.

Research into unconventional sound effects.

Lots of sounds that we hear inĀ  movies, television shows, music and video games often come from sources that we would not expect. An example of this is the automatic doors opening in Star Trek, this sound effect was made by sliding a piece of paper out of an envolope.

The layering of different sounds can also make a new and completely different type of sound, for example in the video game Call of Duty Modern Warfare, the ‘headshot’ sound effect was made through the layering of a metal helmet being hit by a hammer, water splashing on the cround, a piece of meat being struck and the snapping of a stick of celery.