‘Dune’, Sampling & my wordpress portfolio (Final Major)

Last week, apart from playing a set a Jay’s event. I managed to finalise a track I’d been working on. It’s the frist track I’ve made in Mashcine where I’ve used sampling.

I started off by finding the sample, which took a while but eventually I stumbled across this video on youtube.

I’d been wanting to include some arabic samples in my productions for some time.

I imported these into mashcine and began to play around with some pitch shifting techniques as well as applying some changes to the overall E.Q. of the sample and placing other effects like reverbs and frequency modulators over the top.

Then I started to build the rest of the tune around the sample. An approach that I haven’t used befor.

So here’s the end result. ‘Dune’.

As well as this, I’ve set myself up a new wordpress as a dedicated platform to sidplay my creative works on without the analytical side that this blog has.

Phil and Mark both reccomended that I do this as a way of selling myself as a creative.

It took a little while for me to set up all the correct widgets and pages, but here it is.


Every new track or piece of work that I feel is worthy to go up on this site, will go up.