Branding the Release (Final Major)

A few weeks ago my mate George took some photos for my release. The whole release is influenced by purple, bars, and cocktails and I wanted the cover to reflect this. I talked to George about the shoot and I already had a location that I wanted the shoot to take place in. It’s in the bar that we both work in. I chose this for two reasons, firstly the colour scheme and interior design is the perfect blend of taccy looking artwork and purple decor. It’s also a place I spend a lot of time in (working not drinking) and some weeks I spend more time at work than I do at home (excluding sleep).

Below are some photos of the location.

Classy Ting

Classy Ting

It's reem

It’s reem

So I had this location sorted after clearing it with my boss. Then I started to think about how an album cover can sell a record.

I looked into some album covers that I really like for some inspiration.

Dizzee Rascal – Boy In Da Corner

Essential Grime

Essential Grime

What draws me to this album cover is the colour scheme initally and the presence that Dizzee has on it. The album itself is cold and raw sounding and I feel that this is mirrored by the positioning and pose of the artist.

El-B – The Roots of El-B

2 step vibes.

2 step vibes.

Again the way the artist is hunched over reflects the cold nature of this release’s sound.

Yung Lean – Unknown Memory



What draws me to this cover is the text. I love the font that has been chosen. Seeing this made me think about how the text should look on my cover. I’ve asked Shoma to design a “swag font”.

So with these influences in my mind I felt said a bit about me. One of these was my Maschine hardware. The other is a bottle of Kwai Feh, a lychee liquere that I’ve developed a lot of affection for.

Feeling like emporer Ming

Feeling like emporer Ming

Then I started thinking about my outfit. I made my mind up almost instantly that I wanted to be wearing my full black tracksuit. This is the type of clothes I wear all the time, so it’s a good representation of me. Then I remembered seeing a picture of me wearing some funny shades that make me look a bit like an alien. I chose to wear these in the shoot as I feel that they give me an almost awkward/detached look which I like.

Below is the final image that George Drake shot and edited.

Minus the font.

Minus the font.

Im planning to have the text in the top right hand corner. As well as representing various aspects of my lifestyle I wanted the cover to have an element of humour to it. I showed it to Maceo and he looked at it and said “that pose… just screams I don’t give a fuck” Which is the vibe I want to give.


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