“Cant You Make Any Happy Music?”

The Title of this post is a quote from my Mum.

It was instigated by listening to a small collection of tracks I’ve been producing for around a week as part of a personal project. My aim is to self release these tracks soon on the Bandcamp platform.

I was influenced to make some sinister sounding ambient music after downloading the OST to the film ‘Harry Brown’. The Score is composed by around three different musicians but it is the music by Pete Tong that really stand out to me.

I find that the above track (Produced by Tong) has influenced the type of sounds that I’ve played with quite a bit.

I produced my tracks on the App Korg Gadget for the Ipad. To replicate the deep and haunting bass rumbles Tong has made I used an instrument called ‘Chicago Tube Bass Maschine’ It’s really versatile and the below tutorial only just scratches the surface of this instrument.

So I Used the Chicago instrument a lot throughout the produciton of my tracks. I made my own programmable Bass Synths in there as well.

So here are the track for my ‘Underpass’ Release.