Questions to an Industry Professional (Professional Environment)

I chose an established DJ & Promoter for my industry Professional. who goes by the Alias Neffa – T

Below is a transcript of my questions and his answers.

1. When did you 1st realise that DJ’ing is something that you wanted to get into?

When I was around the age of seventeen, stemmed by going to local nightclubs that served as an introduction to underground music. I always wanted to be the person sharing music with others, so I made a decision to buy some vinyl – and then save up for my first DJ setup.


2. Are you involved in any other music related work outside of DJ’ing?

I am a promoter, selective record collector and producer/composer.


3. What would you say has been your biggest challenge since you started DJ’ing?

Working my way into first/debut sets/ residencies. Promoters and event owners could be hard to work with in early stages.


4. What would you say are the essential skills for someone wanting to get into this line of work?

(Good social skills) Communication Determination Versatility Confidence Technical ability Patience


5. Do you have any short term or long term plans of how you want to progress with your career?

Production – the music industry of today requires your own music and releases to progress as an artist. In terms of being a DJ – putting out as many mixes as I can / working with as many people as possible. often feel in control over what type of music you play if you are booked for a set? Do you have the freedom to play what you like with most promoters?

Over the past year I have had a lot more freedom. I think this is due to my progression and development, alongside establishing a form of trust with promoters. I am on occasions however asked to play certain types of music that I don’t work with – which I have to decline. This is typically due to simple misunderstandings.



Although I predicted some answers that Neffa – T gave me, I found some to be helpfull to me. For example, his short and long term plans, really hit home the importance of music production techniques in the industry.




My CV (Professional Environment)

Below is my C.V. I’ve noticed a lot of people have created graphical C.V’s however I don’t feel this would be relevant for the sort of job that I’d be applying for. If anything I think my Creativity would be best displayed through a mixtape of my work. I completed a traditional C.V. regardless. Obviously I didn’t want to include my real details and publish them on the web.


Andrew Everington

16 Par Close
Tel. 07777777777
Email. adoggydog@parsrus.par
Nationality. English

Education and Qualifications
Arts University Bouremouth BA (Hons.) Digital Media Production 2012 -2015
Subjects Include:
Video and Film Production, Sound Production, Events and Performance, Coding, Animation.
(Currently Studying in my final year.)

Brockenhurst College, 2009 – 2012
A Levels – Media B, English Lang/Lit C, Psychology D, History D.
Media Level 2 BTEC – Merit.

Portchester Secondary School, 2004 – 2009
8 GCSE’s including Maths, English and Science.
Work Experience
The Wessex Muse Magazine, 2008
School Work Experience, Writing Articles, Filing, Administration.
Black Label Events, 2010 – Present
Bar work and hospitality work throughout the year.
Dungeon Dancehall, 2014 – Present
Events Managment, Promotion, DJ Work.

Interests and Activities
.Music and Sound Production
.Hosting Events
.Other Interests Include – listening to music, Food, Parring Guys.

Additional Information
A Good knowledge of Traktor software, DJ controllers, Social Media, Cashier Systems, bar work and drinks.

Referees: Tempa T, Big Narstie, Phil Beards.



My short medium & long term goals. (Professional Environment)

Short Term Goals.

As far as my short term goals are I plan to focus on my final year of study at university. Whilst studying I want to explore music production in greater depth. I want to experiment with new production techniques and create music in various tempos with differing styles and vibes.

I hope to work with clients weather they be members of my course or people from outside of university and produce music for projects that they are working on. I would aslo like to release a free E.P of tracks I will produce through a service like Bandcamp.


Medium Term Goals.

As well as continuing exploring music production I want to play a few more venues as a DJ and try to build a name for myslef in the local scene. I also want a different job. At the moment I work in a bar at a football club. I am only there for money and don’t feel any real satisfaction from the work. I want a job which is more challenging, something that will test me and interest me. Pouring pints is fun but anyone can do it. I would like to be in an environment with other creative people, hopefully within the music industry. I’m not driven by making lots of money at the moment so entry level jobs would not be a problem for me.


Long Term Goals.

A Long term goal for me is to be able to perform my DJ sets more regularly to a larger and more diverse range of people. I also want to run more club nights and events as this has been such an enjoyable experience for me. I’ve also learnt a lot about how to essentially run a business. It was stressfull but worthwhile. I also want to be able to afford better equipment for DJ’ing and some better software for music production.

The Apprentice, My Mock Interview (Professional Environment)

A few days ago I had to undergo a mock interview for a job role of my choice. I chose my interview to be for a residency for a DJ in a nightclub. I thought this would be relevant to the sort of job I would like to have in the future. I knew however that an interview is not a common way of getting a job in this field. It is more likely for a DJ to get a job through an employer hearing his or her work.

Regardless I went into Pegg’s office and sat down.

Felt like this.

Felt like this.

The interview process was actually rather casual which was nice for me as I feel like my skills in an interview are better when it’s a more relaxed environment. However I know that my skills in communication when it comes to interviews need to be polished so It was a helpfull process.

From the feedback I recieved I found out that some of my answers sounded slightly scripted (which they wern’t) and cliche. I was also told that I was a little to modest, which I actually agree with. I know am good in some areas of creative work (music wise) and I think I need to be more comfortable telling people about that. It’s slightly awkward for me because I generally don’t like talking about myself in that sense, I’d rather keep my head down and let my work do the talking but I know it cant always be like that.

One question that I found tricky was when I was asked what I thought my weaknesses were. I was very honest and said about a lack of knowledge of industry standard equipment. I was told to avoid saying things like these and instead to spin a positive trait out of a negative one. For example being a perfectionist, this is classed by some as a weakness but all in all wanting your work to be perfect is a good thing.

Another tricky question was when I was asked what one of the toughest challenges I had to face was. Again I answered very honestly and talked about having to spend 3 years at college because I practically failed my 1st two. I then talked about how once I found the right course, a media BTEC in my 3rd year I managed to complete the course in on year instead of two. This is obviously a positive thing to achieve but I know that I shouldn’t have included the part about the first two years.

I was told after the interview that I should try and big myself up a bit more, that I’m being too humble. I get that but I really feel that if I were realistically pitching for a DJ’ing job my music would do the talking for me. However they are usefull comments for future interviews that may be for work in a different industry.

Showcase of some work relavant to the industry I want to be in. (Professional Environment)

This is a page where I will post various content that displays my skills, interests and content that I feel will be relevent to the sort of industry that I want to work in after my studies.

I wish to work with music, sounds and nightlife. It’s a field which I’ve had a big interest in since College but only really started to explore creatively during my 1st year of university.

I Initially made the transition from listenting to music to working with it when I got some DJ equipment. Since then DJ’ing has grown from a hobby to a passion for me and I fill a lot of my spare time working on my mixes and technique.

This is one of the 1st mixes I felt was good enough to share publicly.

Listening to music so frequently has given me an ever growing understanding of how music is produced & sequenced by artists. I started to dabble in some production myself right at the start of my 1st year of uni, However I was not confident enough in the work I produced to share it for the public to listen to.

A real step forward for me personally was when we were given our 1st unit on my course which explored ‘Sustainability’ in the form of a triptych. I realised that the majority of people on my course would explore this theme through film and photography. This avenue has never really grasped me so I took the plunge and decided to make my unit audio based. The Triptych part of my music would be made of three seperate track of ambient music that I would produce. You can listen to them on their own but when they are mixed together they create the whole final piece of music.

I worked the idea of sustainability into this unit by sampling other pieces of music and manipulating them into something new and by using sounds that I’d recorded around my house such as windchimes, tapping glasses and drumming on tables.

So this is the piece which made me realise that I could produce music.

After this unit my I decided to really focus on sound, persue my passion and develop my skills. For my 2nd unit me and some of my friends made a music video in which I created all the music and sound effects. This was something totally new for me as I hadn’t ever created a track built for vocals over the top of it. Below is the beat I made for this unit.

I g0t some more really good feedback from this unit and passed with good marks.

After this I took a break from producing my own sounds and focussed more on my DJ’ing.

for two units of work me and two colleagues of mine managed to succesfully create, perform at and run two succesfull club nights. Our first was a free event, which we had help funding and our most recent event was for our professional project unit in which we charged entry and profited from.

Below are videos to all content that was to do with these units and the final videos of the nights themselves.

<p><a href=”″>Dungeon Dancehall TV 29.01.14</a> from <a href=””>Shomaj</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

<p><a href=”″>Dungeon Dancehall 16.04.14</a> from <a href=””>Shomaj</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


These events were a highly valuable experience for me, not only was I able to perform live in front of the public, but I aslo learnt skills in setting up equpiment, handling money, budgeting and booking artists and venues.

Recently I have been asked by a lecturer to produce some music for a video game that he is developing. I jumped at the chance to do this, as it was a great opportunity for me to jump back into producing music. For me this has been a great learning experience as I have learnt completely new techniques for  producing music.

Above is an ealry track that I sent my lecturer for him to use, he was happy with the sound of it but asked me to adapt certain elements to fit the tone and atmosphere of his game. Although it’s a ling process it’s a nice challenge. This is the 1st time I’ve actually made music for a client.

Producing these ambient sounds for this game has also bought me to producing tunes that relate more to the sort of music I DJ. I wish to incorporate these into my mixes in time, and I feel like with everty track I am producing I am getting better and better and learning new ways of sequencing and editing sounds.

Here are some examples.

The track above is my most recent and the one I am most proud of.

I’m finding it really consuming at the moment and a lot of fun to make music.  I’m going to continue exploring production and sequencing.


Evaluation (professional project)

So this in the final video that documents our night Dungeon Dancehall.

<p><a href=”″>Dungeon Dancehall 16.04.14</a> from <a href=””>Shomaj</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Overall the night was a success, we’ve had some great feedback from the people that turned up and they all looked like they enjoyed themselves.

Now for the more professional aspect of the unit.

We profited! We made just over £50 profit, which we were really pleased about.

A spreadsheet in which we made records of all our expenses on. We ran of a worse case scenario basis, but luckily managed to spend a considerable ammount less than that prediction.

A spreadsheet in which we made records of all our expenses on. We ran of a worse case scenario basis, but luckily managed to spend a considerable ammount less than that prediction.

We really upped our game in promoting this event compared to our 1st one. Which is evident from the turnout that we got and from the profit we made.

It helps to bring more acts in as well. The more acts that come, the more friends of theirs will come to see them play. It brings a more diverse group of people into our event.

We did two uni promotions, compared to the last event where we only did 1 and this was also beneficial. Some of the faces I saw that took an interest in our music at uni were at the Winchester on the night.

As well as this our night benefited from me going out nearly every night the week befor the event to various clubs trying to sell tickets.

It’s a good tactic. Although I felt like death, we managed to spread the word about dungeon dancehall.

I also focused on the social media aspect of our event a lot more this unit.

We had a big increase on the Facebook page in comparison to the 1st event. This was down to constant updates and posts which reached a wider demographic of people.

We had a big increase on the Facebook page in comparison to the 1st event. This was down to constant updates and posts which reached a wider demographic of people.

As as well as this the pre event house party we hosted proved a success and a useful way to give people a taste of what to expect. We also met new DJ’s that we now want to book for future events.