We had to produce a short video displaying a semiotic, we shot ours in an alley in Winton, our idea was about stereotyping. the girl is scared that people are following her, they are dressed in hoods and there is suspenseful music playing in the background. All these signs give the audience the idea that the girl is in danger.


The G.O.D Lenses (Augmented Reality)

My idea for a type of Augmented reality is something i call the G.O.D lenses (Genius Optical Display), they are in the form of contact lenses which the user would wear during their day to day routines.

The user has a heads up display of the environment and the people around them when they wear them, which gives out various information.

I have thought of 3 possible markets for the lenses.

1. The Public:

The lenses designed for public use gives the user information on his/ her environment, such as names of buildings, directions, tempreture and weather forecasting. They also have a social function, when the person wearing the lenses encounters people they will give the user various information about the people they see like, names, age, the mood that people are in, sexuality and also weather they have a criminal record. I have also thought of various secondary functions, such as tints in the lenses and filters to protect the eyes from the sun, and to enhance a persons perspective on the world.
2. The Military:

This is the second market that i thought would greatly benefit from the G.O.D lenses, these lenses have all the functions that the public’s do however also have specialised features, such as a heads up display that gives the user information about his equipment, such as weapons. This would be displayed similarly to how most 1st person shooter video games display this information. The lenses also have features like I.E.D detection on them.
3. Medicine:

I thought that the medicine would benefit greatly from augmented reality, they would have the features of the public’s lenses as well.

Some specialised features are diagnosis tools, where the lenses can scan and identify various ilnneses in patients and reccomend the best method of treatment. With this type of technology diseases like cancer could be identified early, as could STI’s in patients.


A semiotic is a type of language understood by visual stimuli, for example the home buttpen on a computer, people associate the picture of a house with a web page they are familitary with. 

The same technique is used in cinema and television, in a horror movie, the sound of violins is usually connected with suspense in a scene, and the idea of danger, that is a semiotic. The way a camera is moved or a scene is shot can also be metaphorical, even techniques in post production, such as black and white, or certain transitions can give the viewer the idea of a flashback or dream.

Technology and us

it’s extremely hard for people to avoid technology throughout their days, and it’s this reliathat otithings like the Internet and computers which is why we chose this as the narrative for our pictures, technology is used for entertainment purposes and as tools for work and education, it is hard to imagine schools now without things like projectorS.

Technology addiction

For our photos we started taking them form further away, this gave the feeling of isolation and being alone, after that we started using closer shots, trying to make the viewer feel more of a sense of urgency and panic, showing our characters distress through the pictures of him in the toilet, at the end we show the audience that the character is actually craving technology, he injects the contents of a USB stick into his arm, and the final photo reveals that he is not alone in doing so.

Building narrative

TodayToday we have to build a narrative throughout a series of 10 images, 

our initial idea is to metaphor a narrative in which is character is suffering from drug withdrawal symptoms, however the last tip true will reveal that, his addiction is actually to technology