Evolution (animation techniques)

Watch it.


My thoughts on this unit (Animation)

It's Niiiiiice!

It’s Niiiiiice!

This picture more or less sums up how I feel about this unit. On the whole I really liked it.

I’m quite surprised in a way because usually anything that is time consuming and repetitve I hate.

I loved it when I heard that we don’t have to animate an inanimate object (Even though I did because I love torturing myself) It gave me a freedom which I feel I havn’t really had in many other units.

A great thing about this unit for me also was the fact that I really enjoyed the research, because I wanted to make my animation a bit wierd that meant that I got to discover a lot of cool animations. The stuff that has really made an impact on me is David Firth’s work. I found it enjoyable and disturbingly similar to some things that go through my head.

I think I also learnt quite a lot about myself during this unit, especially about my art style and how that has developed from me thinking it’s just a disgusting collection of scribbles (usually involving tentacles) but to more of a method of getting certain feelings across to a viewer. For example, my art style is kind of messy and a bit wierd which relates to the type of narratives (or lack of) that I use in the animations.


One thing I have learnt about Maya is that I hate it… Sorry Liam, just being honest, Maya is a science lab with a lot of BMW driving twats working in it, whereas Flash is some guy sitting in his room surrounded by pizza boxes and energy drinks, making something because he simply enjoys it, not that he sees a way of making some cash out of it.

In truth, do I ever see myself making any money out of Flash? No… But I really don’t care, similar to me DJing, do I ever see myself making a big mark in the world of dropping tunes to a group of ravers on E? No… But I do it because I enjoy it. That’s why I went with flash, because I enjoyed using it, it wasn’t a task, or a punishment.
The only thing I ever animated in Maya were a group of balls with some wierd textures on making them look like tumors.



The unsung hero (Post Production)

Ok you know what’s coming… I’m gonna bang on about music again.
This is the track I used in ‘Luxo JR’ It’s called ‘Collage of Broken Thoughts’ by ‘ID3’.

I truely think this is the ‘unsung hero’ of the film. I was tossing up between a few different tunes during the post production processes, these stemmed from an ‘Aphex Twin’ tune a track called ‘DMT’ by ‘XXYYXX’ but I thought that the connection with the artist and an already existing music video (one i have listed as an inspiration for my piece would be far to strong)

I always had this tune in the back of my mind, and I think I always knew I’d use it to be honest. Apart from the cat, this truely does make the film, the style of music it is as well (with the glitch fx) gave me a great opportunity to add some cool effects in post.

But most of all it just works on almost every level… don’t mean to boast but I can’t think up a better tune to go with the piece.

It was’nt however as simple as it sounded just to include the tune, I’ll explain how I had to edit the track to fit in with the video in the post above.