Promo Promo Promo (Final Major)

Today I’m really gonna push the promotional side of my release as much as I can by getting people to follow my SoundCloud, which should hopefully then direct people to my Bandcamp page.

As I know that I’ve got some awesome followers of this blog I’ll also use this as an opportunity to promote my free music.

Below is an embedded clip of the title track. I’ve posted this on Twitter and asked people to follow or share it if they like it.

I’ve also added the track to various groups on Soundcloud.

I've added other tracks to Groups before.

I’ve added other tracks to Groups before.

I’ve found that on some of my tracks this has been a really effective way to get feedback, shares and followers. It’s good because you can specifically target a group of people who all share a similar interst in music.

In the description of the track I’ve added a link to my Bandcamp profile and a little bit of information about the EP. I’ve also advertised that it is a free release as at this stage of my production career I feel its of great importance to build a following.

I’ve also just been hitting up Twitter. A form of social media that I’m not so great with. However from hash tagging I’ve gained 4 followers in the last 15 minuites. It’s a bit annoying that they havn’t followed the Soundcloud, but 4 new followers on twitter is potentially 4 more people to hear my work.

My main hope is that once the cover art is released it persuade people to listen to my tracks. I was thinking about this yesterday and realised just how effective it could be.

For example I was searching for record labels that I’m interested in on Bandcamp and found the page for Terrorythm Records.

got a few Terrorythm releases myself but saw some of their recent album artwork and realised that I was listening to the tracks that had artwork I really liked to accompany them.

I found that these 4 covers were particularly appealing.

I found that these 4 covers were particularly appealing.

I even ended up downloading one of the releases.

My EP cover isn’t as vibrant as these releases as it would not suit the vibe I’m trying to put across however I think that It’s a great photo which represents me and my music on the release.

Wordpress Followers get Rare acess to the cover art.

WordPress Followers get Rare acess to the cover art.

Hopefully people will see the cover and want to listen to the tracks.


‘Dune’, Sampling & my wordpress portfolio (Final Major)

Last week, apart from playing a set a Jay’s event. I managed to finalise a track I’d been working on. It’s the frist track I’ve made in Mashcine where I’ve used sampling.

I started off by finding the sample, which took a while but eventually I stumbled across this video on youtube.

I’d been wanting to include some arabic samples in my productions for some time.

I imported these into mashcine and began to play around with some pitch shifting techniques as well as applying some changes to the overall E.Q. of the sample and placing other effects like reverbs and frequency modulators over the top.

Then I started to build the rest of the tune around the sample. An approach that I haven’t used befor.

So here’s the end result. ‘Dune’.

As well as this, I’ve set myself up a new wordpress as a dedicated platform to sidplay my creative works on without the analytical side that this blog has.

Phil and Mark both reccomended that I do this as a way of selling myself as a creative.

It took a little while for me to set up all the correct widgets and pages, but here it is.

Every new track or piece of work that I feel is worthy to go up on this site, will go up.

Showcase of some work relavant to the industry I want to be in. (Professional Environment)

This is a page where I will post various content that displays my skills, interests and content that I feel will be relevent to the sort of industry that I want to work in after my studies.

I wish to work with music, sounds and nightlife. It’s a field which I’ve had a big interest in since College but only really started to explore creatively during my 1st year of university.

I Initially made the transition from listenting to music to working with it when I got some DJ equipment. Since then DJ’ing has grown from a hobby to a passion for me and I fill a lot of my spare time working on my mixes and technique.

This is one of the 1st mixes I felt was good enough to share publicly.

Listening to music so frequently has given me an ever growing understanding of how music is produced & sequenced by artists. I started to dabble in some production myself right at the start of my 1st year of uni, However I was not confident enough in the work I produced to share it for the public to listen to.

A real step forward for me personally was when we were given our 1st unit on my course which explored ‘Sustainability’ in the form of a triptych. I realised that the majority of people on my course would explore this theme through film and photography. This avenue has never really grasped me so I took the plunge and decided to make my unit audio based. The Triptych part of my music would be made of three seperate track of ambient music that I would produce. You can listen to them on their own but when they are mixed together they create the whole final piece of music.

I worked the idea of sustainability into this unit by sampling other pieces of music and manipulating them into something new and by using sounds that I’d recorded around my house such as windchimes, tapping glasses and drumming on tables.

So this is the piece which made me realise that I could produce music.

After this unit my I decided to really focus on sound, persue my passion and develop my skills. For my 2nd unit me and some of my friends made a music video in which I created all the music and sound effects. This was something totally new for me as I hadn’t ever created a track built for vocals over the top of it. Below is the beat I made for this unit.

I g0t some more really good feedback from this unit and passed with good marks.

After this I took a break from producing my own sounds and focussed more on my DJ’ing.

for two units of work me and two colleagues of mine managed to succesfully create, perform at and run two succesfull club nights. Our first was a free event, which we had help funding and our most recent event was for our professional project unit in which we charged entry and profited from.

Below are videos to all content that was to do with these units and the final videos of the nights themselves.

<p><a href=”″>Dungeon Dancehall TV 29.01.14</a> from <a href=””>Shomaj</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

<p><a href=”″>Dungeon Dancehall 16.04.14</a> from <a href=””>Shomaj</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


These events were a highly valuable experience for me, not only was I able to perform live in front of the public, but I aslo learnt skills in setting up equpiment, handling money, budgeting and booking artists and venues.

Recently I have been asked by a lecturer to produce some music for a video game that he is developing. I jumped at the chance to do this, as it was a great opportunity for me to jump back into producing music. For me this has been a great learning experience as I have learnt completely new techniques for  producing music.

Above is an ealry track that I sent my lecturer for him to use, he was happy with the sound of it but asked me to adapt certain elements to fit the tone and atmosphere of his game. Although it’s a ling process it’s a nice challenge. This is the 1st time I’ve actually made music for a client.

Producing these ambient sounds for this game has also bought me to producing tunes that relate more to the sort of music I DJ. I wish to incorporate these into my mixes in time, and I feel like with everty track I am producing I am getting better and better and learning new ways of sequencing and editing sounds.

Here are some examples.

The track above is my most recent and the one I am most proud of.

I’m finding it really consuming at the moment and a lot of fun to make music.  I’m going to continue exploring production and sequencing.


Aloe Vera King (Professional Project)

As I’ve mentioned in an early post, I want to start experimenting a bit with beat making which will hopefully lead to me using some sounds that I’ve produced as DJ tools for the next or a future night. I’ve been playing around with the Korg Gadget a bit more and I find it really fun and am also starting to understand more about the way it works.

The beat below is not a loop this time, it progresses through to some wierd sounds and annoying high hats. I made it in the Uni cafe this morning whilst swigging on my favourite beverage, Aloe Vera King… Enjoy.

It’s safe to say that I still need to experiment a lot with this app. Firstly it’s about 90% percussion with a few fairly basic synth loops chucked in there. However it does sum up the delight I feel when I’m drinking Aloe Vera King.

DJ A&E Presents… The Worst 7 seconds of your life (Professional Project)

So as well as just playing established artists music on the night, I have been thinking about trying to create some little loops and sounds that would fit with the vibe I play. Some people call them DJ tools which are short pieces of audio, not full tracks that mix in with what your playing to personalise your mix a little. 1st of all I needed some half decent production software that was dirt cheap. I’ve experimented with Garage Band befor but I really don’t like it at all. I’d love to own a copy of Ableton or Fruity Loops but don’t have the technical knowledge to torrent them/install cracks or have the money to get them legitimately. Which is a par.

I decided to look on the app store for some affordable options and I came across Korg Gadget which is “A mobile synthesizer studio for IPAD” It was £20 quid which was a bit of a turn off when you’re a student but after reading some reviews I decided to give it a go and downloaded it.

1st of all if you have little to no knowledge of music production then it’s a bit tricky and confusing at a first glance. I was confused but intrigued. I started playing round with some of the synthesizers and drum pads on it and I found it a lot of fun.

After my 1st hour I came up with this.

It’s pretty terrible but it’s a start. A 7 second loop that is at the tempo of most house music but for some reason has grime characteristics to it.

I’ve been playing around with this app on a daily basis for about a week and although it is very frustrating and still incredibly confusing, I am having a lot of fun on it. I’ve started to learn a little more about how to sequence the various sounds that you can make on the timeline.

This is a screen shot of the basic layout of the Korg Gadget.

This is a screen shot of the basic layout of the Korg Gadget.


This is my favourite 'Gadget' that the app has to offer.

This is my favourite ‘Gadget’ that the app has to offer.

Ok so above it the ‘Kingston’ synth in the Korg Gadget. It’s one of my favourites to play around with. and it’s what I used to achieve the horrible grime-esc synth in the above loop. I had to manipulate the sounds quite a bit because as standard it’s a chiptune synth which has a selection of noises that you’d expect to hear in a Nintendo soundtrack.

At the moment this App is a lot of trial and error for me as it’s one of the 1st programs i’ve used to try and produce sounds. I could see how it could be a great tool for people like me who are at the entry level of beat production.

DMP’s Rudeboys Like Their Music Loud – Performance Video

Practice hopefully makes perfect.

Practice hopefully makes perfect.

This super cool photo sums up my last week at uni, on the left are my decks, in the middle is Phil’s mixer and in the foreground is ‘The Moth’s’ MIDI controller. We were practicing not only routing my audio through the mixer in the middle, but also connecting Luke’s MIDI to this mixer so that it would react to a sound input through audio jacks on the night. Initially we were going to try and get Modul8 to react to the music just through the mic, however Rupert advised us against this because he does a lot of VJ work in clubs and in his experience the sound systems are too powerfull for the mic to pick up the highs, lows and mids in a track.

Practice Hours.

Practice Hours.

I also used this time to squeeze every bit of practice in that I could, however I couldn’t have it too loud because apparantly DMP recieved multiple noise complaints from the room next door, due too loud music playing, who ever complained is a total helmet, this is going towards my education… we’re paying “27 grand” and that dosn’t give me the right to push a fader up a couple of decibles… I hope you fall down a flight of stairs and maybe next time you could walk 20 seconds to the room next door and ask me yourself to turn it down. Man up you sacky wastes… Oh and for the people who say it dosn’t matter how loud it is as long as you can still hear it… you dun ‘kno. Try balancing E.Q’s just by ear without feeling the tune.

Best fade in DMP.

Best fade in DMP.

So we managed to hook up Modul8 to Phil’s mixer and Modul8 did pick up and audio signal, however it was only picking up the left channel… We kinda need it to pick up both, although the animations did react to the music it’s a lot better when it can take readings from both channels.

The hand of God

The hand of God

Oooooh! Is that a couple of cheeky XLR cables I can see? So I’d like to think that I at least know what one of them is now as I have used them loads over the last few days, I know one is called a ‘female’ and the other is called ‘male’ I’m not 100% which one’s which but I’d guess the male XLR is the one that has the pins pointing outwards. #phallic #imigary #illuminati

So many knobs.

So many knobs.

As well as XLR’s I’ve also got a lot more familiar with this chunky piece of Kit. It looks super confusing until you realise that most of the knobs and dials, are duplicates of one verticle row (or channel) and the knobs themselves manipulate basics like E.Q’s and can controll effects like the flanger. One thing I dont like about this is that the knobs themselves are almost touching eachother… This means if you want to twist one of the knobs, you are likely to brush another knob as well… Awkward.

2 Bombaclats trying to learn.

2 Bombaclats trying to learn.