Bangers & Mash – Future Cinema

So here it is, the final piece for the Future Cinema unit.

Bangers & Mash… It felt great to be famous for a day, you never know I might be an extra in ‘Doctors’ this time next year, this is definately one for the portfolio.

The final edit was a little longer than planned, we loved the beach scene a lot because of the sheer contrast to the resr of the day, so we kept that bit quite long.

Overall, This is piece of work demonstrates how entertainment is changing, the prospect of voting on T.V shows has been around for quite some time, but I think that Bangers & Mash gives an audience controll over the overall theme of the show, and my day! They literally controlled me for over 10 hours.

I think we smashed it with a target audience and a platform to broadcast on when considering this. Teenagers love to see people make a fool out of themselves, teenagers also spend most of their lives on Facebook sending out invites to crap games, and moaning about their days when they should really be out hustling.

Here it is!

Shout out to Tim & Barry, Pork & Potatoes, & everyone who voted to make my day, random, stupid, funny & painfull.

What Shoma & I have also realised is just how important Bangers & Mash is to the world of psychology.
I took A Level psychology, it was boring and we didnt learn about murderers enough. However we did learn about 2 studies which inspired me & Shoma to look deeper into the voting side of Bangers & Mash. I knew that everyone would vote for a bad task, not just because my mates are bellends, but because their is real psychological evidence to back our project up.

The Stanford Prison Experiment. (Above)

Milgram’s Experiment (Below)

Enjoy learning more in 10 minuites about the human mind than I did in two years.