So Many Drafts (Final Major)



Above is the current ammount of saved projects (mostly drafts) that I’ve worked on in the last couple of months. As you can see many of the files have multiple versions. These versions are usually adjustments in the mixdowns of the track. I estimate that as well as these drafts there would be around 100 projects that I didn’t like enough to save.

This is the current project file for The Aviation E.P.

This is the current project file for The Aviation E.P.

I’ve already decided that two of these tracks, ‘Get over It’ and ‘3000’ will not make the cut into the final release. I feel they sound a little out of place or the quality of the productions are not up too scratch. ‘Purple Day’ is the original project name for the title track ‘Aviation’. which as you can see has multiple exports with differences in EQ and compression.

I’ve learnt that being critical is key. I want everything to sound as polished as It can be with the time and resources that I have. This is part of the reason why I have so many drafts that I will probably never upload publicly. It’s frustrating in some ways as some of these tracks have certain elements that I really like and nobody will get to hear them. However, I feel like it’s really important to know when not to upload things and to pace yourself with how many tracks you put out publicly. I don’t want to be that guy who feels like he has to upload a new track each week and then have to cut corners during production to achieve this.


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