Brand & Identity (Final Major)

Today I had a tutorial with Mark and he asked me about how people can listen to my music. I told him about my SoundCloud, my BandCamp and my new WordPress site. He thought that these were good platforms to be using told me that there was room for improvement. For example connecting all these accounts to each other so that it’s easy for people to jump from my SoundCloud to my BandCamp and so on. He also told me that I need to loose the student vibe on my music blog and writing in a more confident, professional manner. Part of this push for professionalism includes purchasing a domain name for my music blog. Mark also suggested that I create a linked in page to start networking with people in the creative industry.

As well as this I’ve started to plug my release online.

So I havnt given the artwork away and tried to make it as much of a teaser as possible.

So I havnt given the artwork away and tried to make it as much of a teaser as possible.

I talked to Mark and we both decided that It would be a good idea to start promoting my work before the release. At first I wanted to keep it hush right up until I released it, but I’ve decided to plug it a bit and let people know there’s something to expect from me and that it’ll be free. I’m really excited to release it and hope that I get some constructive feedback from people and most importantly that people enjoy it.

I named it ‘The Aviation E.P.’, ‘Aviation’ is also the name of the first track. It’s named after my favourite cocktail. This is what this release is all about, it’s my interpretation of bars, cocktails and purple.



I think the tracks I’m putting in the release all have a similar theme running through them. They are all mellow pieces that I feel would work well in a bar environment. The final track which is a small outro to the E.P. is a little different. It’s an ambient piece that has a much darker tone. I wanted to incorporate some of my ambient work in this release and thought that these style of tracks would be suited to an outro.

The outro, currently named ‘Sin’ was my way of showing my versatility in production styles. I also wanted to make a track with a more melody driven core to it than the other pieces that feature. It’s the shortest track on the release but also I feel the most expressive. I think that people who know the music I usually produce will like this track the most as it has something dark and edgy about it.


The main reason I’ve been working on this release is to show people that I’m not just a grime guy or an ambient producer. I also wanted to challenge myself, take my productions out of my comfort zone and to experiment with different tempos and genres.


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